Because of the Labor Day holiday, several studios did not release estimates for the weekend Sunday, but news reports indicated that the consensus was that Disney's Invincible narrowly held on to the lead for the second weekend in a row, slightly ahead of Lionsgate's new release Crank. Warner Bros.' The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage, reportedly opened in third place. Neither of the two new films were screened for critics in time for their deadlines on Friday. The expected dreadful reviews materialized over the weekend. Kyle Smith in the New York Post figured that Warner Bros. released the Wicker Man remake "without previews because it would rather lose money than be accused of misogyny." Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post recalled that after the original film was released, there were rumors that Rod Stewart, whose girlfriend, Britt Eklund, performed a nude dance in it, tried to buy up all existing copies and have them destroyed. "Only Stewart can say whether this is true, and he's not talking," Hunter wrote. "I do believe that in a few years, Nicolas Cage will buy up all the prints to this Wicker Man and burn them. I'll be happy to help him." Of Crank, Liam Lacey wrote in the Toronto Globe and Mail that it was "so blatantly contrived it could be called The Fast and the Spurious." Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel wrote that it was "so hyped up, it's the movie equivalent of a speedball shot straight into a major artery, and every bit as irresponsible." Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post summed it up as, "brutal, nasty and, thank God, short." And Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News wrote that the movie "has an excellent shot at ending 2006 as the worst film of the year."