Disney's football flick Invincible scored another touchdown over the Labor Day weekend, staying well ahead of its rivals for the second week in a row. According to final figures released by Exhibitor Relations Tuesday, the Mark Wahlberg starrer earned $15.4 million over the four days, putting its two-week gross at $38.1 million. Lionsgate's Crank premiered with $12.9 million, just ahead of Warner Bros.' The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage, which earned $11.7 million. Another new film, the basketball-themed Crossover, failed even to make the top ten, fouling out with just $4.4 million. Fox Searchlight, however, continued to beam over the success of the indie Little Miss Sunshine, which raked in $9.6 million -- up 3 percent over the previous week. Also impressing was The Illusionist, which took fifth place with $8.1 million despite playing in only 971 theaters. It produced the weekend's highest per-screen average among the top 10 -- $8,362.

The top ten films over four-day Labor Day weekend, according to final figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations (figures in parentheses represent the Friday-Sunday totals):
1. Invincible, ($12.2 million) $15.4 million; 2. Crank, ($10.5 million) $12.9 million; 3. The Wicker Man, ($9.6 million) $11.7 million; 4. Little Miss Sunshine, ($7.6 million) $9.6 million; 5. The Illusionist, ($6.3 million) $8.1 million; 6. Talladega Nights. ($6.1 million) $7.6 million; 7. Barnyard, ($4.9 million) $6.6 million; 8. World Trade Center, ($4.6 million) $5.9 million; 9. Accepted, ($4.6 million) $5.62 million; 10. Step Up, ($4.5 million) $5.61 million.