Executives of the Walt Disney Co. are taking steps to ensure that its upcoming animated film based on the Bros. Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel won't be rejected by boys as The Princess and the Frog apparently was. According to published reports, the study has changed the name to Tangled, which, the Los Angeles Times suggested today (Wednesday), is regarded as "less gender-specific." Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, told the Times that the title Rapunzel might lead people to "assume it's a fairy tale for girls, when it's not." The studio is also revamping its market campaign, the newspaper said, to highlight "swashbuckling action." Catmull suggested that the studio erred by titling its last hand-drawn animation release The Princess and the Frog. " Based upon the response from fans and critics, we believe it would have been higher if it wasn't prejudged by its title," Catmull said.