If Labor Day is a holiday that produces about as much additional business at the box office as Flag Day, maybe an early arrival of Halloween could set things right. Box-office analysts are predicting that the R-rated remake of the 1978 slasher flick will do about $20 million at the box office -- not bad for the holiday that occurs just as school vacation ends. The film is expected to lift morale at The Weinstein Co., whose Dimension subsidiary is releasing the film with MGM. To date, the record of the company, which the Weinsteins created after walking away from Disney and Miramax, the company that they also founded, has been dismal. Halloween was not generally screened for critics, but somehow Bob Strauss of the Los Angeles Daily News got a look at it. He called it "over-the-top and freak-show-disgusting." Meanwhile, last weekend's winner, Superbad, is expected to slip to second place after two weeks at the top. Analysts are predicting it will earn $13-17 million.