Dwayne Johnson is reportedly in talks to headline a new Disney film based on the Tomorrowland area of its theme park.

The Southland Tales star - better known as WWE wrestler The Rock - has already worked for Disney in family comedy The Game Plan while he recently completed production on the studio's Race to Witch Mountain.

And according to Variety, Johnson has now signed to star in an as-yet-untitled sci-fi adventure for the House of Mouse, purportedly based on the Tomorrowland section of Disney theme parks.

Disney has denied that the film is to be called Tomorrowland and that is based on the futuristic section of the Magic Kingdom that contains rides such as Space Mountain.

However, given the success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean - based on a Disney ride - as well as projects such as The Haunted Mansion being inspired by the theme park, it is believed the studio may have considered the cinematic potential present within the Tomorrowland raft of attractions.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore - who penned the upcoming Matthew Mcconaughey comedy The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past as well as Todd Phillips' The Hangover - are attached to write an original script for the Dwayne Johnson project, Variety confirms.

18/09/2008 15:42:42