Reports that Disney plans to produce a film based on Agatha Christie's Miss Marple character with Jennifer Garner in the lead are being scorned and, in some cases, being viewed with disbelief by the British press and Christie fans. In a BBC Radio interview today (Wednesday), Charlie Higson, author of The Young Bond, suggested that it was unlikely that the Christie estate would ever countenance such an adaptation. "These estates are incredibly powerful, and controlling, as they should be," he said, "and I know that the Christie estate has been hands on to preserve what they've got." And Christie's biographer, Laura Thompson, said that Christie herself would never have approved. She noted that Christie -- the best selling author in history -- once denounced the MGM films based on her character, asking studio executives "to have their cheap fun and leave me and my creations alone." One British newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph , headlined an article about Disney's plans, "Has Hollywood Lost Its Marples?" The London Daily Telegraph commented, "This makes about as much sense as casting Dame Judi Dench as Cinderella or Justin Bieber as Inspector Morse."