Pay one price for a movie and be able to watch it on any device that has a screen -- that's the thinking behind Keychest, a new technology that the Walt Disney Co. says it plans to unveil next month. The company on Wednesday confirmed a Wall Street Journal report about the technology, which would allow consumers to watch a purchased movie via the Internet, their cable company, or their telephone-line or mobile provider on any number of devices, from iPods to videogame players. However, the fact that Disney intends to implement its "view anywhere" strategy with a proprietary system has already run into industry opposition. Sony chief technology officer Mitch Singer noted Wednesday that Disney is seeking to accomplish with its system what the members of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) have said they will bring about with an open system. In an interview with Video Business magazine, Singer, who is also the president of the DECE, said that Disney had been asked to join. He noted that, unlike Keychest, the DECE proposal would include DVD and Blu-ray discs.