Disney chief Robert Iger said Tuesday that he believes Apple's new iPad device will be a media "game changer." Speaking during a conference call to discuss Disney's fourth-quarter results, Iger said that Disney views the device as a means "to create essentially new forms of content." His remarks appeared to give Apple's computer tablet a big boost following a mixed reception after being unveiled last month by Apple's Steve Jobs, who is Disney's largest shareholder. Iger, however, was apparently won over. "Obviously it's a great device to play games on and watch video," he said, "but the interactivity it will allow on a portable device with such a high quality screen is going to enable us to start developing products that are different than the products you typically see on an Internet-connected computer or a television set." He did not describe what sort of new products he had in mind but listed a number of ways the iPad could complement other Disney products. "I'm fond of saying [digital media is] still at the beginning of the beginning, and that's how we look at it," he said.