Hollywood studio Disney have lined up Mel Gibson to take over from current chief Michael Eisner, because they're impressed with the massive profit his movie The Passion Of The Christ made.

Gibson's $25 million (GBP13.8 million) investment in the controversial film has been rewarded by takings of over $600 million (GBP333 million) so far, and Disney bosses are confident he'll be able to produce similarly spectacular results at the company.

A spokesperson for Disney says, "Gibson has the sensibilities Hollywood needs, he has the right insight to lead a studio.

"Look at those numbers! Now, that is how to make movies - none of this $120 million nonsense."

American website PAGE SIX claims Disney want Gibson to contribute millions of his own money for the takeover to succeed.

A close pal to the 48-year-old says, "The discussions have not gone anywhere yet."

07/05/2004 02:08