The cast for new Disney movie G-Force looks set to impress, with today's announcement that Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi will feature in the film.

The Con Air stars join the comedic talents of Arrested Development actor Will Arnett, 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan and Brit acting great Bill Nighy in a movie that apparently isn't about a watch.

Hoyt Yeatman's CGI/live-action hybrid will instead tell the tale of a team of hyper-intelligent animals involved in government espionage to prevent a nefarious billionaire from exacting his evil plan to take over the world.

And in an ingenious twist, the animals aren't the typically combative critters used in Disney flicks, but diminutive domestic pets.

Cage is to provide the voice of Speckles, a mole, while Buscemi's vocal talents will be on show for the role of Bucky the hamster.

And while Morgan will voice Blaster the guinea pig, Nighy and Arnett will feature in live action roles as an industrialist and an FBI agent respectively.

Action legend Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the film and told the Hollywood Reporter it is "a good story; it's unique characters, it's half animation, half live action".

He added: "It falls right into the Disney family of films - the kind of films we make, like National Treasure, which entertain everybody from the smallest kid to the oldest grandparent."

And according to Bruckheimer, director Yeatman is "a visual effects genius, and he has worked on a number of our movies in the past".

Bruckheimer continued: "[Yeatman] came up with this idea with his son, believe it or not. We developed the screenplay… Now we are filming. It's pretty exciting for him - it's his first time [directing] - and it's exciting for us to get into a whole new medium."

21/11/2007 13:26:11