Although Summit Entertainment's sci-fi thriller Knowing hauled in a better-than-expected $24.60 million over the weekend, the box office overall fell for the second week in a row. Total revenue was down 6.05 percent from the comparable weekend a year ago. Nevertheless, for the year, revenue now stands at $2.2 billion, up 11.96 percent from 2008 at this point. Attendance is up 10.27 percent, according to figures released Monday by Media by Numbers. Two other newcomers placed second and third on the box-office list, but at the low end of expectations. Paramount's I Love You, Man placed second with $17.81 million, while Universal's Duplicity came in third with $13.97 million. Continuing to show remarkable legs, Fox Searchlight's Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire placed eighth in its 19th weekend with $2.68 million. The figure is especially remarkable given the fact that the movie is due to be released on DVD next week.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Media by Numbers (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. Knowing, Summit Ent. $24,604,751 (New); 2. I Love You, Man , Paramount, $17,810,270 (New); 3. Duplicity, Universal, $13,965,110 (New); 4. Race to Witch Mountain , Disney, $12,786,041, 2 Wks. ($44,496,593); 5. Watchmen , Warner Bros., $6,801,114, 3 Wks. ($98,140,886); 6. The Last House on the Left , Universal, $5,776,160, 2 Wks. ($23,902,420); 7. Taken , 20th Century Fox, $4,057,695, 8 Wks. ($133,096,403); 8. Slumdog Millionaire, Fox Searchlight, $2,676,369, 19 Wks. ($137,178,177); 9. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jai l, Lionsgate, $2,566,535, 5 Wks. ($87,264,219); 10. Coraline , Focus, $2,130,746, 7 Wks. ($72,841,173).