Disney's Buena Vista Home Video, which only weeks ago denied reports that it plans to release an unrated version of Bad Santa (called Badder Santa) in high-def DVD in November, said Friday that it would indeed release the movie in the Blu-ray format on November 20. (The original reports, which appeared on several websites that track hi-def releases, said that the movie would be released in both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats; however, Disney does not release films in HD DVD.) The original reports came shortly after Disney had announced that it was dropping the Buena Vista banner, leading to speculation that an unrated movie would be released under the Disney name and thereby spark controversy among family activists. The website High-Def Disc News said Friday that the Blu-ray version will be distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment "and words 'Walt Disney' will not appear anywhere on the packing or the disc." (A Disney spokesman had earlier suggested that the company's R-rated and unrated films might be released under the Miramax banner.)