Dirty Pretty Things bassist Didz Hammond has said that frontman Carl Bart's recent illness was beneficial to the band.

Barat was rushed to hospital earlier this summer with acute pancreatitis and given strict instructions to stay off the booze.

Didz told BBC 6 Music that the singer is recuperating well, but that the alcohol ban has made the whole band tone down their excesses.

"It has been good for the band really, because we've all kinda slowed down a bit. We were slowing down anyway, I think we took the wheels off the wagon on the last touring cycle and then had to calm down on the road quite a lot," he said.

He went on to explain that the new clear-headed approach to playing is having a marked improvement on their performances.

Its slightly less shambolic, we're not falling over each other like we were, but at the same time we’re not Steely Dan or anything like that," he added.

Elsewhere, Bart recently said there are no immediate plans to reform The Libertines.

11/08/2008 10:15:49