LATEST: Dirty Pretty Things frontman CARL BARAT is resting at home after he was released from hospital over the weekend (21-22Jun08).
The British singer was admitted to a clinic in the U.K. last Tuesday (17Jun08) suffering from severe stomach pains.
He was subsequently diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and the band were forced to cancel two shows - one in London and another in Luxembourg - while Barat recuperated in hospital.
But now the star has been discharged and is recovering well. The rocker insists he will be well enough to get back to work by the end of the month (Jun08) and has confirmed the band will be playing in Switzerland on 28 June (08).
And Barat is convinced he will still play at set at legendary British music festival Glastonbury on Sunday (29Jun08).
He says, "I am feeling much better, almost as good as I ever do. It's not as bad as I thought, it appears that the pancreatitis was probably caused by a combination of the medication I was talking (for congestion that I still get after my ear operation) and maybe the odd drink too many.
"I was discharged from hospital at the weekend, which was liberating. I have been told to take it easy this week and I shan't be over exerting myself, which may be difficult as the LP is out next week and there are rehearsals to be had. Anyways, as long as I behave I should be right as rain (back to full health) before you know it."