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Dirty Pretty Things,
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Dirty Pretty Things Deadwood Single

Carl Barat has achieved fame and fortune with The Libertines for his rambling, almost drunken sounding vocal ramble that is his personal stamp of authority.

It doesn't look like he is changing this song building strategy and nor is there any real reason why he should. 'Deadwood' is of the same manner to that listed above, only the bass lines provided this time by Didz Hammond (of The Cooper Temple Clause fame) are fuzzier and the guitars hit a slightly higher level at times. Also, Carl gives the lyrics a bit more of a mystic edge, to at least offer a bit of variety to this, The Libertines blueprint of a song.

The only conclusion to draw is that the guy possesses undeniable talent, so as long as he has a forum for this then everyone is happy and the world is a better place, right?

David Adair


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