Hollywood star Dirk Bogarde reportedly underwent 'homosexual aversion therapy' to cure him of being gay.

According to author JOHN COLDSTREAM - who has just finished a new biography about The DEATH IN VENICE actor - Bogarde sought treatment during the 1950s and 1960s at London's University College Hospital.

He says, "There is uncorroborated information - at second hand but from a disinterested source - that, at the end of the Fifties and the beginning of the Sixties, Dirk would be admitted at least once a year and under conditions of great secrecy to University College Hospital, where he would be shown erotic pictures of men while being administered drugs to make him vomit."

The therapy obviously failed, as Bogarde - who died in 1999 - lived with his partner TONY FORWOOD for almost 40 years.

01/10/2004 14:00