Record producer Diplo is adamant M.I.A. lost her "hunger" for music after settling in to family life - and only made her third album because she shot to international stardom with PAPER PLANES.
The British-born rapper was catapulted to worldwide fame when her song was used in the trailer for Pineapple Express and on the soundtrack for multi Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.
Diplo, who co-produced the track, insists its belated chart successes more than six months after its release tempted M.I.A. back to the studio to record her new album, Maya.
The disc has met with largely negative reviews since it hit stores earlier this month (Jul10) - and although Diplo admits they "f**ked up", he was still stunned by the criticism the album received.
He tells, "I am surprised by it. She like, retired because she married a dude and she didn't care about music. She only did it again because Paper Planes did blow up in the end. It gave her a second wind, but she didn't have any hunger anymore. She already got a full table... But besides that I think she's amazing and she'll put another record out that's going to be f**king sick (good) because I think she needs to get grounded at some point."