Diplo was oblivious to who Fifth Harmony were when he started working with Camila Cabello.

The 20-year-old singer quit the group in December 2016 to focus on her solo career, but had already teamed up with the Major Lazer star to work on her own material before she decided to leave.

Diplo - whose real name is Thomas Pentz - had no preconceptions of the Cuban beauty's talent because he wasn't familiar with the 'Work from Home' hitmakers until he'd met Camila.

However, he was blown away by her capabilities.

Of working with the 'Crying in the Club' hitmaker, the producer said: ''We love Camila and she's been working with us for a while, even before she left Fifth Harmony, and I just thought she is dope.

''She came and met me in Miami and I didn't know who she was or what band she was in, I was just told she's into music.

''I just she's really talented.''

The pair teamed up with rapper Travis Scott for 'Known No Better', but it wasn't the easiest of collaborations and they got over some hurdles along the way.

Travis, 25 - who is dating reality star Kylie Jenner - was hit with technical glitches with his computer dying on him, but Diplo says it was a real honour to work with the ''high-in-demand'' rapper.

Diplo told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Travis Scott was hard to get on the record.

''His computer broke whilst we were recording, his mic died and I had to keep going to his house to wake him up at like two in the afternoon.

''That guy's prolific, he has a lot of love and he's a really hard worker but he's just in demand right now.

''It was cool getting to do something like this with him though.''