Diplo has been left grief stricken after one of his pet chickens was murdered.

The DJ-and-producer - who is the co-founder of Major Lazer - keeps a number of the flightless birds at his home in a spacious run with all the comforts a chicken could need provided.

But the coup was breached on Tuesday (29.08.17) and one of his feathered friends, named Michelle, was killed by a ''raccoon'' or a ''rat'' and devastated Diplo is out for revenge.

He took to Twitter to share his sad news with his 2.41 million followers, posting: ''One of My chickens died today rip chicken I think a rat or raccoon killed it I'm out for blood (sic)''

He also uploaded a photo of a gravestone with the word chicken emblazoned across it along with the caption: ''I'll miss u (sic)''

The 'Cold Water' hitmaker posted the same poignant image to his Instagram account along with a longer tribute to his fowl pal Michelle.

He wrote: ''I'll miss you Michelle. You brought me a lot of joy but your probably better off in gods coup up in the sky with endless feed ... Rest In Peace (sic)''

Diplo - real name Thomas Pentz - first unveiled his flock of chickens to his fans back in February and regularly posts updates on his pets on his Snapchat account and Instagram.

The 38-year-old EDM star even introduces his beaked buddies to his famous friends with Dua Lipa being the most recent pal to get to see his pets, and Diplo couldn't resist sharing a picture of the moment on his Instagram account with the words ''farmers only''.