Diplo once had to DJ while suffering with diarrhoea.

The 'Cold Water' hitmaker has admitted he tries to keep his diet fairly basic when he's on the road performing because he doesn't want to risk an upset stomach on stage.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he explained when asked what the ''weirdest'' thing he's eaten is: ''I've had baby eggs. They're a specialty in Manila. You eat the whole egg with the baby in it. But I don't get too risky while on tour because I don't want to get sick. The worst thing that can happen on tour is getting sick because then you have cancel shows and rehab yourself.

''Actually, that's not the worst thing. The worst thing is DJing with diarrhoea. You have to get through it. You're like in Vegas or something and... whatever. It's the worst. You just have to concentrate, get it done. I'm a soldier.''

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old DJ - who makes up one third of the electronic band Major Lazer - has worked with a number of artists over the years but has admitted one of his favourites is Nicki Minaj because she's very ''disciplined''.

He said recently: ''I was working on some stuff for her record. The timing was right. I've been trying to get Nicki to do something with us for a couple years now.

''She wrote 16 different verses for this song. She's so inspired. It's crazy. I've never had an artist be so disciplined on cutting a song.''