Producer Diplo has clarified comments he made last week (ends12Jul13) suggesting Beyonce has scrapped a whole album of new material, insisting he was only referring to one track.

The beatmaker revealed he had been working with the R&B superstar on songs for her next release and appeared to allege she was starting from scratch after reaching out to him for more tunes.

He told Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I just did two songs for her new album, well, I tried. I think she scrapped the record. The record was supposed to be done and they have been hitting me up for brand new ideas."

His comments sparked reports suggesting Beyonce had ditched an album's worth of tracks, but Diplo has been quick to clear up the misunderstanding.

Taking to his page on Friday (12Jul13), he wrote, "When I say 'record' I'm talking about one song smdh (shaking my damn head).. Music journalism sucks."