Dionne Bromfield thinks she has "two personalities".

The 15-year-old singer has learned how to behave around older adults in her professional career, but insists she is just a normal teenager when she is with her friends.

She said: "I think I've got two personalities. I know how to present myself if I'm with older people, but when I'm with my friends, I'm the most immature person ever. But I think that's just being a teenager."

Because of her young age, Dionne's mother looks after her finances and she still receives a weekly allowance.

She told the new issue of LOOK magazine: "I've got an allowance, thank God, but I let my mum look after my money.

"And I've got a trust fund, so when I'm 18 I'm going to have access to that. I'm going to be responsible and buy myself a car, but I'll need lessons first."

Despite her wealth, the 'Yeah Right' hitmaker - who is the goddaughter of late singer Amy Winehouse - still loves receiving presents because she doesn't believe money necessarily brings happiness.

She said: "It's still nice - just opening presents and getting perfume or something that somebody has thought about. Money can't buy you happiness."