West Coast hip-hop outfit Dilated Peoples have hit out at their record label Capitol Records, claiming the company is undermining their career. The three-piece, who have been together since the late 1990's, are angry that Capitol Records pushed their 2004 hit single THIS WAY at the expense of album NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Frontman RAKAA says, "It was a mixed blessing. It exposed us to a lot of people, but unfortunately the overall campaign for the album didn't follow through. "I love 'This Way,' but I just wish people would've gotten a sense of what the entire Neighborhood Watch album was about and not been so focused on the single." Rakaa also accuses major record labels of not supporting rap and hip-hop music, claiming they only pretend to in order to make money. He fumes, "There's very few cats at the record labels that are part of hip-hop culture or even like rap music. Most of those cats are offended that they have to sell our record. "They would love to sell flowery acoustic-guitar music all day, because that's what they personally enjoy listening to. They put on their Birkenstocks and go outside, cross their feet and just tool away. "But don't front and then sleep on my project and not give it the same respect that you're going to give to the next record just because you might not happen to agree with it."