Country star Dierks Bentley loves going home for the holidays because hanging out with his charity worker brother helps keep him grounded.

Under normal circumstances, the Grammy-nominated Home hitmaker would be the stand-out member of any family, but Bentley reveals his accomplishments pale in comparison to the work of his sibling Fife.

In a video posted on his official website, he says, "When I go home for Christmas, you'd think that in my house I'd be the big star, but I'm not. My brother is the big star because while I'm out here on the road playing music, my brother's actually on the road down in Guatemala literally saving peoples' lives and changing people's lives.

"He went down to work with the Peace Corps. He ended up working with a (medical relief) company called Partner for Surgery."

And while the singer is gearing up for a 2013 tour with Miranda Lambert, Bentley insists he can't hold a candle to his brother's plans for the New Year: "They want to perform 800 surgeries. They want to have 100 children on the nutrition program; they want to have 1,000 midwives trained, 4,000 women screened for cancer and 40 nurses trained in preventative cancer treatment."