Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona will go "mad" during his current drug rehabilitation, according to his lawyer.

HECTOR LEGUIZAMON is campaigning for his client to be freed, arguing the court order for Maradona to stay in a psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina - for refusing to follow medical advice - will be "harmful" for the 1986 WORLD CUP-winning captain.

Leguizamon says, "To continue this treatment is harmful and will make him go mad."

Maradona, who came close to death in April (04) when he was admitted to hospital with heart and lung conditions, has been fighting a cocaine addiction since 2000.

JUDGE NOBERTO GARCIA VEDIA explains, "He could go to Cuba. He could go to Switzerland. There are no problems. The important thing is that wherever he goes must provide the necessary conditions."

27/08/2004 19:53