Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has quit the Italian version of reality show Strictly Come Dancing after the Italian Inland Revenue siezed his pay packet.

The 45-year-old owes the state $38.1 million (GBP21.17 million) in back taxes for the for the years 1985-90 when he played for Naples team Napoli.

Earlier this month (OCT05) the finance ministry responded to criticism by deciding to confiscate $5.4 million (GBP3 million) Maradona had been paid, by the state-owned television network, to appear in three shows. The star responded by cancelling his flight from Bueno Aires, Argentina to Rome and pulling out of the show.

His lawyer VICTOR UCKMAR says, "We intend to take this matter to the European Court of Appeal and I have waived my fees."

Maradona's agent adds, "He doesn't have a penny to his name."