Fatherhood has turned Mexican star Diego Luna into a happy early riser - because he can't wait to wake up and play with his kid.
The actor's son Jeronimo was born last summer (Aug09), but the Milk star still can't get enough of his kid.
He says, "I love waking up with him. It's the most beautiful thing ever. The morning was never so good. I used to hate mornings... I used to wear sunglasses. I started to function after 11 or 12.
"Now, at 5am, I'm playing with my kid and changing diapers. You become a different man."
And he became a really devoted husband to new bride Camila Sodi after he saw what she went through in the delivery room.
The unusually candid star tells Bust magazine, "I have to say I became more in love with her (Sodi) when I realised what a good mother she is.
"When you are there and see what they (women) go through, it's like, 'Whoa!'"