Die Hard actor Bruce Willis has spoke out about his fears that he was getting too old to return to the role of John McClane.

Following in the footSteps of fellow veteran actors Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger who have also returned to their much-loved characters, Bruce will be playing the tough guy once again in Live Free or Die Hard due to be released stateside in July.

In the new flick police detective McClane, aided by a hacker sidekick, attempts to stop a plot to desTroy the computer systems supporting the US economy.

But despite being best known for his portrayal of the tough character, the 52-year-old actor told Vanity Fair that filming some scenes were more difficult than in his younger years.

"A lot of the physical stuff that they had me doing [when filming] was still, let's say, low-tech," he told the magazine.

"I don't bounce as well off the concrete floors as I used to. There are those 'ouch' moments that actually hurt."

"It gets really un-fun on take two, you know? You hope they got it in take one," he said

But despite the pain, Bruce has no regrets for returning to play his famous creation.

"I'm glad I didn't wait a couple more years to do this," he added.

01/05/2007 07:56:36