Die Another Day bad guy Toby Stephens finds movie-making "too tedious" and would prefer to concentrate on acting in the theatre.

The son of English actress DAME Maggie Smith, who has been winning rave reviews for his current role of HAMLET with the ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY, has spoken of the instant gratification he receives from appearing live on stage.

Stephens says, "In theatre, hopefully, you get applauded at the end, rather than waiting a year for a film to come out and then get slaughtered by the reviewers.

"The fragmentation of filming is confusing and dull. It's not glamorous, it's really tedious. Filming is 90 per cent sitting around, smoking, drinking tea, talking and 10 per cent doing something.

"Then you think, 'I could have done more with that scene.'"

28/07/2004 13:59