British pop star Dido is dating her ex-boyfriend FERDIE INGER-HAMILTON again, following their split in November (04).

Dido celebrated her reconciliation with the record company boss by going with him to see her favourite football team ARSENAL play in London on Saturday (20MAR04).

An onlooker says, "It certainly seemed that Dido and Ferdie were back together, judging by the way they hardly left each other's side all afternoon.

"They were walking along the street as happy as can be, holding hands and laughing together. Although going to a football match isn't the most romantic of dates, I don't think either of them cared - they seemed too into each other to really notice their surroundings."

The WHITE FLAG star, real name FLORIAN CLOUD DE BOUNEVIALLE ARMSTRONG, failed to rekindle her long-term relationship with ex-fiance BOB PAGE - who she left for Inger-Hamilton - over Christmas (DEC03).

24/03/2004 02:12