Diddy-Dirty Money, the American super-group created by music mogul and rapper Sean Combs aka P DIDDY, are set to release their much anticipated debut album 'Last Train to Paris' on 14th December 2010, and the band previewed some of their new material on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, reports MTV News.
The group were introduced by legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro who was SNL's guest host for the week, and they proceeded to play current single 'Coming Home', as well as new track 'Ass on the Floor'. Combs is joined by singers DAWN RICHARD and KALENNA HARPER in the band, and speaking to NME while recording the album, the 41-year-old said, "There's definitely nerves. It's nerve-wracking because there's more singing for me. You have a new concept, and it took people a while to buy into it". However, the rapper admitted that he is reluctant to ignore his successful solo past, saying, "I think a lot of times people forget how many hits I've had. I take pride in having hit records that still play in clubs now".
The buzz surrounding the forthcoming record has intensified recently due to a number of missed released dates, but the album is expected to be available from next Tuesday.