Dick Van Dyke has cancelled a trip to New York to promote his new documentary THE WONDER KIDS, because he is suffering from bronchitis.
The 82-year-old Mary Poppins star narrated the film, about a tiny inner-city tap dancing studio, and was due to appear at its East Coast premiere on Thursday (18Sep08).
But Van Dyke has been banned from flying by his doctor after falling ill on a movie shoot in Los Angeles last week (12Sep08).
A movie spokesperson tells WENN, "Unfortunately DICk Van Dyke will not be able to attend the New York screening of The Wonder Kids because he has bronchitis.
"It's minor and he is not in the hospital. Mr. Van Dyke was on quite a demanding shoot last week and that seemed to set it off. His doctor advised him not to fly. We are very disappointed and wish him a speedy recovery."