A new documentary about the early days of rock and roll portrays Dick Clark as a powerful figure who exploited unknown talent seeking to appear on his American Bandstand program and earned millions from their later success. In an interview with Reuters, independent filmmaker Shawn Swords acknowledged that his film, Wages of Spin, makes Clark out to be "an alpha villain" and reveals "the depth of his avarice and self-enrichment." Swords said he did not seek a response from Clark to the claims by numerous musicians and songwriters about the deals they were forced to make with Clark in order to receive exposure on his program. Clark still shows the effects of a stroke he suffered in 2004 and Swords indicated that his current appearance might draw sympathy. "And the other thing is, I don't think he would be candid. ... He's always been evasive when questioned about his involvement with payola. He's not going to tell you the truth about what happened," Swords said.