I AM NUMBER FOUR is one of the most anticipated movies of 2011 and fans caught the first glimpse of the film today (10th December 2010) when the official trailer hit the web. The sci-fi flick, starring Dianna Agron of 'Glee' fame, is based on the book of the same name by PITTACUS LORE, the pen name of writers James Frey and JOBIE HUGHES.
The movie follows the story of teen alien named 'John Smith', played by Alex Pettyfer, who has the appearance of a human and is on the run from an enemy species known as the 'Mogadorians'. In the trailer, John is seen being told by his guardian, played by Timothy Olyphant, that he is one of nine aliens who managed to 'survive'. He goes onto say that the first was "killed" in Malaysia, the second was "murdered" in England and that the third was "hunted down" in Kenya. He reveals that the 'Mogadorians' can only kill aliens in sequential order before telling 'John' that he is number four and is therefore next on the hit-list.
The movie has been directed by DJ Caruso, whose previous credits include the thriller 'Eagle Eye', and stars Agron and Pettyfer alongside Teresa Palmer and Jake Abel. The film is due to hit cinemas on 18th February 2011.