Dianna Agron still wears the same shoes she had when she was 13.

The 25-year-old actress – who plays 'Glee' cheerleader Quinn Fabray – enjoys scouring second hand shops for bargain outfits and can't resist hanging on to her prized old garments.

She said: "My mum made all my clothes when I was young and I loved pinning patterns for her.

"When I first moved to Los Angeles, I couldn't afford to shop anywhere other than thrift stores, and even now I still get some of my stuff from there. I'm a hoarder, I still have shoes I wore in eighth Grade."

Diana loves working on 'Glee' because she has become such close friends with her co-stars – though she admits she is relieved the show has not spurned any romances among the cast.

She told Reveal magazine: "We go out dancing together. We're very uninhibited. I grew up dancing, so to meet a group of friends who are just as enthusiastic has been amazing.

"Thank god no one went there [and got romantically involved]. Any romance issues could have become horrendous by now."