Dianna Agron finds it ''hard'' being away from the 'Glee' cast in the wake of Cory Monteith's death.

The actress was stunned to hear of the passing of her former co-star - who overdosed on heroin and alcohol in July - and finds it difficult to see people gossiping about his death, especially when she is no longer involved in the hit musical TV show.

She told French website Pure People: ''I think what's so sad about this business and life in general is people would rather spread bad news than good news. And I'm over here, and especially while this is happening, it's hard to be so far away and it's hard to hear bad news about people that I love.''

'The Family' actress has no regrets about the four years she spent playing cheerleader Quinn Fabray on 'Glee' and still counts the cast as some of her closest friends.

Dianna explained: ''It has been and will always be such an important part of my life. It was so good to have each other to hold on to as we were cutting our teeth in the industry. We went through so many things for the first time together.''

The 27-year-old star is grateful to have made her name in the industry alongside like-minded people, but now hopes to pursue a movie career.

She added: ''I think Hollywood gets a bad reputation there are so many great people in Los Angeles and the industry. I was so passionate about the arts but my family were so much more corporate-minded. I felt like I could finally find another family who were like I was.''