Diane Von Furstenberg is set to give away half her fortune to charity.

The designer has promised to donate 50 per cent of her wealth to the Giving Pledge - an initiative set up by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett to encourage the US's richest families to donate money to the country's most serious problems.

While the pledge is not legally binding, the participants - who also include Diane's husband Barry Diller, director George Lucas, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and banker David Rockefeller - have agreed to give away some of their fortune during their lifetime or after they die and have written a letter explaining where they want the money to go to.

Meanwhile, as well as pledging her money, Diane recently revealed how her clothes empower women because they are "comfortable".

The 63-year-old star - who is best-known for creating the wrap-around dress - explained females are at their most beautiful when they feel confident and her designs do exactly that.

She said: "My clothes empower women. Not because they have big shoulders and make you look like a man. But because they are very comfortable, they mould to your body, they are very flexible, and they make you really comfortable.

"And if you're comfortable you feel confident. And if you're confident you feel beautiful."