Diane Von Furstenberg says her face is a "souvenir" of her life.

The Fashion designer - who created the iconic wrap dress - is against having plastic surgery because she is proud of what her body and face have achieved over the years.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: "A few months ago, I had a skiing accident and broke my nose and people said, 'What a great opportunity to have a face lift,` but the truth is, all I want is my old face. I don't think I would know how to handle a new one.

"My face is a souvenir of my life."

Diane, 64, also revealed how surprised she was with her success in the fashion world and was "living the American dream" before she was 30.

She said: "At the age of 25, I would count the women wearing my dresses as I walked down the street. By the time I was 29 I was on the cover of Newsweek and we were making 25,000 dresses a week. I lived the American dream before I was 30."