Diane Von Furstenberg was thrilled when she discovered Duchess Catherine had purchased one of dresses.

The 64-year-old designer is a huge fan of the brunette beauty - who married Prince William in April - and is happy her creations have been given the royal Seal of approval.

She said: "I was just told that the Duchess of Cambridge bought one of my dresses yesterday! She bought an apple green V-back dress and that little ponyskin Clutch from my shop - plus the day before she bought another DVF dress in Selfridges."

Diane is very impressed by the way Catherine handles herself and thinks she'll be fine, despite the public scrutiny and pressure she is under.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "She wears DVF so I think she has great style! Look, I think it's a lot of pressure to marry Prince William, to be the daughter-in-law of Lady Di, but she seems really strong and they seem to really love each other so I just wish them the best. She has a beautiful smile - I think she can handle it. But what's also very impressive is how at ease he is with her. I think it will only make her more and more confident - and as long as she doesn't lose that, she will become more and more beautiful."