Diane Von Furstenberg is the subject of a new book.

The iconic designer is the basis for writer Camilla Morton's latest fashion fairy tale memoir series, which is this time a twist on the classic story, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

The book tells the story of two young girls - Diane (based on the designer's life), and an Empress, who is struggling with her new royal duties.

Camilla said: ''Once you are immersed in the designer's world, maybe it's magic but, they really do just appear to write themselves. Plus, there are so many characters and personalities I have seen in fashion that inspiration was easy to find. Diane's story and enthusiasm is so rich that I really wanted to up the fairy tale and bring the Empress to life.''

Although Camilla wrote the story, Diane drew the illustrations - deciding on the prints, colours and layout of each page.

Camilla added: ''Diane is an amazing woman - she is a great designer, motivator and role model. Even without the fairy tale twist she is an incredible modern-day heroine and what makes her even more compelling is that none of her part of the story is make believe. Diane is a fabulous example of someone who has made her own fairy tale come true. I loved her biography, 'Diane: A Signature Life', and was really inspired by her - her character, drive and determination. Fashion isn't about overnight success - it's about hard work, great ideas and original designs and I found Diane's success and savvy business story very empowering.''