Diane Von Furstenberg takes people on a walk if she wants to fire them.

The Belgium-born designer - who is best known for her iconic wrap dress - enjoys having ''serious'' conversations with people while she is on the move because she has ''time to think''.

She said: ''Walking is my time to think. I like to climb - I'm a goat, a Capricorn. I also think it's a good way to talk to people. When my son was little, he used to say, 'Mom goes on walks for two reasons: to hire someone or to fire them.'

''It's true, I often ask people to walk with me when I want to talk to them about serious things. I think it's much better to have those conversations when you are moving.''

As well as walking, Diane also enjoys more demanding activities and two years ago during an adventure holiday to Peru organised by her husband Barry Diller and with her long-term friend Calvin Klein she witnessed a near-disaster when the American fashion designer fell off a raft.

She added to Financial Times newspaper: ''The first thing I see is Calvin going off the raft. I thought, 'Oh no, he will die, it will be our fault!' But he was so brave, he was fine. A lot of the other people on the trip had been intimidated by him, but after that he was a hero.''