Diane Sawyer has declined to address the thousands of tweets and blog comments about her odd performance during election night, when she slurred and stumbled over words, including, on several instances, the name of President Obama. Speculation that she was drunk spread to mainstream newspapers on Wednesday. The New York Post let fly the most striking zinger, remarking Mitt Romney got crushed Tuesday night -- but did Diane Sawyer get smashed? By early today (Thursday) dozens of videos of her loopy behavior had together been viewed by more than a half-million YouTube visitors. For her part, Sawyer merely tweeted, Read your tweets the good, bad, and the funny. See you on @ABCWorldNews. But ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider emphatically denied the scuttlebutt. I'm sorry, Diane Sawyer is not drunk on the air, OK? he told the Post. There's no world in which that happens. None. None. None.