Filming in Italy proved to be a nightmare for actress Diane Lane's waistline - because food portions were huge.

The UNFAITHFUL star struggled to cope with the ways of Italians while she was filming Under The Tuscan Sun there earlier this year (03), and she quickly had to give up her healthy eating habits.

She explains, "How can a person lose weight filming in Tuscany? The trick of the Italians is they don't snack. They'll have a four-hour lunch, but it'll be six hours before they see a carbohydrate again.

"They have a very different workday structure over there. We Americans are workaholics compared to Italians, and that's not necessarily a compliment to Americans.

"Being over there is infectious. I could live like that very easily, except it takes eight business days to get a script from your agent."

25/08/2003 14:31