The 51-year-old actress has starred in countless classics, including Chaplin, The Perfect Storm and Hardball. She's had a steady and constant flow in front of the camera, but Diane has also taken a keen interest in what happens behind the lens - despite how much it annoys filmmakers.

"I back-seat drive some directors sometimes and that makes them nuts," she laughed to Collider. "I’m half kidding, I had one director once who was very perturbed by how much I noticed was going on on the set. Whether it’s the lighting or the set dressing or how well the air was being wafted to get the certain quality when they want the room smoky, all these things, I think I’ve been around so much in film sets that I know everybody’s niche."

When the interviewer commented that they'd heard this from other people, Diane joked it's no newsflash. It's this curious nature which has got the star thinking she could helm a movie.

In the meantime she's continuing to impress as an actress, with 2015's animated movie Inside Out being one particularly memorable role. The film personifies the emotions of an 11-year-old girl in the film, with Diane voicing Mom in the Disney flick.

"I cried, I laughed. Pete Docter’s a genius isn’t he?" she gushed about the director.

"To me I just feel like I am ridiculously blessed and I pinch myself a lot because not only did I fall uphill and get asked to the party in a Pixar film, it was that Pixar film. One of my favourite parts of myself is my motherhood aspect, it just turned out to be the best thing about my life, the most rewarding and deepening, so I have a delight in portraying mothers."