Actress Diane Kruger dodged arrest during a recent road trip across Australia with boyfriend Joshua Jackson - after police caught the pair sleeping in their car.
The German star and her actor boyfriend of three years were on holiday Down Under when they found themselves stranded without a place to stay in between destinations.
When the couple parked their car and tucked in for the night, Kruger was stunned to wake up to cops tapping on her window.
Kruger explains, "I'd never been (to Australia). We didn't make reservations anywhere, we just got in a car and started driving. And then of course, every once in a while we couldn't find a hotel, so we'd sleep in the car - which was not fun for me, but fun for him. It's not (legal). The police knocked on the car windows at five in the morning and he didn't wake up. I had to talk to the police officer and he was very nice and he let me go."