Movie newcomer Diane Kruger is primed for fame when epic film Troy is released, because she had the educational privilege of witnessing co-star Orlando Bloom's rapid surge in popularity.

Kruger - who plays lead character HELEN OF TROY in the upcoming movie - was stunned by Orlando's sudden rise to sex symbol status when his film PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL topped the box office midway through the shoot.

The former ballet dancer from Germany says, "When we started shooting, no one really knew who he was - he's made Lord Of The Rings but he looked so different in that.

"Halfway through shooting Troy, Pirates Of The Caribbean came out. It was pretty extraordinary to witness someone going from basically nothing to having girls screaming whenever we stepped out the door."

Kruger, 27, was also offered an exclusive insight into the public's frenzied interest in her co-star Brad Pitt.

She adds, "The first weekend on the shoot all the actors went out for dinner.

"When we arrived there were about eight people in the restaurant; by the time we got to the bar, people had found out Brad was there and suddenly there were, like, 180 - so it was really hard for him to go out much."

08/04/2004 02:32