Diane Kruger almost killed Sharon Stone.

The 'Troy' actress - who is dating Joshua Jackson - admits she had a mishap after stumbling onto the 'Basic Instinct' star while posing on an electronic two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle while wearing high-heeled shoes.

She explained: "I was at this auction last year for amfAR - a foundation for AIDS research - and Sharon Stone was hosting. Josh and I were supposed to auction off a Segway. And for some reason I decided to get on it, wearing really high heels. I was totally off balance, and I nearly killed Sharon Stone.

"I'm not kidding. I ran over the train of her dress, and she stumbled and almost fell off the stage. Josh had to pull me off. I could see the headlines, 'Diane Kruger kills Sharon Stone'."

The blonde beauty also admitted she has a "crass" sense of humour, which often surprises people.

She added in an interview with Allure magazine: "People look at me and think, 'Oh she's from Germany, she looks so composed,' but I think I'm a good joke teller, and I like pretty crass jokes."