Diane Kruger was left cringing with embarrassment during her boyfriend Joshua Jackson's first meeting with her parents as her mother interrogated him over his 2002 arrest.

The German actress' mother Maria-Theresa took the opportunity to quiz the former Dawson's Creek star about an incident at an ice hockey match in North Carolina in 2002, and even pulled out a folder of press clippings about his scuffle with a security guard.

Kruger tells U.S. talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel, "I thought we were doing so good (at his first meeting with my parents) and my mom says 'Ah, wait I have something for you.' She goes into the office and comes back with this folder of Internet clippings of Josh with his mugshot.

"She thought it would be cute to go, 'So I see you've been arrested... at a hockey game. Who's fault was it?' You can imagine. We were there for three days, we did not speak for two. It was not good."

Jackson was charged with a number of offences including assault after grappling with a security guard at a Carolina Hurricanes match in Raleigh, North Carolina. The charges were later dropped after he agreed to complete an alcohol education course and community service.