Diane Kruger sees Karl Lagerfeld as a "mentor".

The stunning actress and CHANEL Muse has known the legendary designer since she was 16 and says she often looks to him for advice.

Diane said: "I had modelled for Chanel quite a bit when I was younger, and I've known Karl since I was 16. When I started to act, they'd lend me clothes, and Karl designed a haute-couture gown for me that I wore to the premiere of 'Troy' in Cannes. I still have the sketch. I look at him as a mentor."

Despite her love of couture fashion, the 34-year-old beauty is not afraid to look less than perfect for a role and she relished the chance to play a "tough chick" in new movie 'Unknown' with Liam Neeson.

She told Gotham magazine: "I'm a pretty tough chick. It's really action-packed, a lot of running through streets with Liam Neeson, who's just so tall and imposing. I felt like I looked like a child standing next to him. He brings that amazing presence, one of those faces that just comes alive on-screen."

Diane is also delighted that she is now being offered tougher roles and credits her role in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' with helping her achieve this.

She said: "Before 'Inglourious Basterds', I was just thought of as the fresh, young European actress. But now I'm in a really good place where interesting projects are coming along, and this one, well, I'm incredibly proud of it. This is a love project."