Diane Kruger dresses to impress other women.

The 37-year-old actress says she rarely dresses to please her boyfriend of eight years, Joshua Jackson, and usually puts outfits together that other women will lust after and she feels good in.

She told MyTheresa.com: ''I think most women dress for other women. Let's be honest: it's easy to please a man. The shorter the skirt, the more likely they will approve of your outfit. I don't think guys really get high fashion.

''In the end, I try to dress for my audience. On a daily basis, I dress for myself, on a date I dress for him and on the red carpet, it's me.''

The German-born beauty thinks her personal style stands out because she chooses not to work with a stylist.

Diane said: ''I know it's crazy to think it would be unusual for someone to dress themselves. But, so often in Hollywood, women have stylists and they all look the same.''

The 'Inglourious Basterds' star feels lucky to be friends with Chanel fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, who she has known since she was 16 and now lives next door to in Paris.

Diane added: ''If you're only going to know one person in fashion, you want to know Karl Lagerfeld. He has such a unique personality: very curious, very smart and hysterically funny. I just love him.''